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January 24, 2011
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The Parish by arok318 The Parish by arok318
hmmmm it's called "the parish" because i think there's no happy ending after they got rescued in the parish and this is the last time they're okay and alfljsdkg : (

l4d2 (c) valveeeee
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sworderella2 Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I really hope these guys all pulled through, it makes me sad to think of them all... *sniffle* dead... Q-Q 
I think its called Parish because Parish is another way to say church, which means that they might be saying to have faith in the government sometimes, since in this case chelle,nick, ellis, and coach are the only survivors who carry the antivirus in their blood. I think the parish youre reffering to is PERISH not PARISH. I hope that clears somethings up.
ehh... no
i named it the parish because it's set in the parish, the campaign, and not because i am confusion it with the other PERISH
totally agree with you T.T i mean come on everyone of us see what was about to hapen to Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill in the comic: they were CARRIERS of the virus and they were about to be executed for that!

Even if Valve dont say it its obvious Nick, Rochelle, Ellis and Coach are carriers too (i say this because remember what that doctor says to Zoey and Bill? they been spreading the infection trough all New York and that means only inmune-carriers people not gonna be afected for this) and gonna be executed by the army X.X of course if Valve make another comic and explained us what happened or if they gonna die or i dont know u.u

Backing to your pic, its lovely, brotherly, awesome, emotional and a lot of things more but when i read the description i was like: holy shit is right TT___TT. I love and hate at the same time the part when Nick says "Or maybe they put us against the wall and shoot us" shit the worst of all is that usually in the whole game had reason TT___TT

to favs! i really love it and we hope Valve at least say something about what happened to them u.u
Aww, my most favorite team in the world, looking awesome and brotherly. Great picture!
hardcoreravefox Aug 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I thought the same thing about this campaign. You've really conveyed that last moment of safety and together-ness. Thank you for sharing!
hey thank you : )
kookiemagician Jul 14, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
me before reading the description: yayy teamwork! :D
me after reading the description: QAQ noh! -cries-
lol jkjk but it made me sowo sad D:
its awesome btw :')
i'm sorry, didn't want to make anyone sad i_i and thanks!
my friends call me coach!
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